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Shoyu, miso, garum... the magician behind them is called Koji. Fresh koji, be it rice koji or barley koji, both are the basis for preparing your own miso, for processing directly in umami rubs or umami liquids. Anyone who likes to go further and dares to take on long-term projects such as Garum or Shoyu is in the starting blocks with fresh Koji for any umami kick.


We regularly produce fresh koji.. but please note that there may be a waiting time of up to 5 working days for orders... Koji needs 3 days to mature. 


We offer fresh rice koji and barley koji. Depending on the recipe, it makes sense to start with Koji in the order of magnitude ab 500g.


Substrate: organic rice (Nestelberger) or organic barley (Frauenlobmühle)

Packaging: will be sent in a vacuum bag, please remove and breathe in again after receipt.


fresh koji | Koji for Miso | barley koji

100 Grams
Sales Tax Included |
  • Nach Erhalt sofort kühlen. Koji entwickelt selbst Wärme!

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