What is water kefir?

One culture with many names. Tibicos, Japanese crystals or above water kefir. What is meant, however, is always a culture of translucent, crystal-like grains made from yeast and bacteria, which can very quickly and easily turn water and sugar into a tangy drink. The process is very simple and actually only requires water, sugar and dried fruit.

What is the difference between water kefir & milk kefir?

The difference is basically in your eating habits. While milk kefir thrives in lactose, water kefir multiplies rapidly when fed on fructose. Table sugar contains fructose and is therefore suitable. Water kefir also needs calcium and protein in the fermentation process. Therefore, hard water and the addition of dried fruit are necessary for its development.

How do I use water kefir crystals?

Take a clean jar with a screw cap. Add sugar, table sugar, fructose as well as cane sugar are possible. Use between 40-60g / liter of sugar.  

Let the crystals slide into the glass, add a small handful of dried fruit and lemon juice. Put the lid on and off you go.

Try after 24 hours. The drink can be a little sweeter than you ultimately want it to be. If it's still too cute for you, leave it for another day.

The duration of fermentation depends heavily on the following factors:

- how warm is it in the room

- how active is your culture (i.e. crystals that have already successfully fermented on a regular basis)

Then fill the kefir in a tight-fitting bottle and let it stand for a few days at room temperature for the second fermentation. It is then stored in the refrigerator. Cool water kefir not only tastes better to "extend" the kefir  To avoid it, it should definitely be refrigerated before consumption.

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