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Kombucha is refreshing, sparkling and contains little sugar. With food or as a thirst quencher in between. Produced by Augora in various varieties - quince, cherry or based on coffee.


Our kombucha is of course unpasteurized and therefore contains living cultures. As a result, Kombucha can have a positive effect on digestion.

Real kombucha can be recognized by the fact that it has the ability to form a new kombucha mother - this can be easily filtered with the help of a strainer.


Always store kombucha in a cool place and do not shake. Open carefully due to natural carbonation. We fill our Kombucha into PET bottles for shipping, as these are more suitable for postage.



Ingredients : water, tea/coffee, cane sugar, cultures (all organic)

Capacity : 330ml

Sugar content : < 5%

Kombucha | quince | cherry | coffee

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  • Unpasteurized - therefore STORAGE COOL and do not shake. Open carefully when opening, so that the naturally formed carbonic acid can gently escape.

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