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This Genmai Miso is made from sprouted whole grain rice, resulting in a dark and robust miso paste that reminds us of Powidl. Mimi herself describes it as having an umami taste reminiscent of black olives... but do they even know Powidl in Berlin?

Mimi Ferments subjects its Genmai Miso to a 2-year fermentation process in oak red wine barrels. Due to the high nutrient content of unpolished rice and the extended fermentation, Genmai Miso has a dark brown color and an intense aroma, making it particularly rich in fiber.

In traditional Japanese cuisine, it is suitable for Miso soup, Miso marinade, or pickling vegetables. However, it can also be used universally as a seasoning for savory dishes, sauces, or mixed with olive oil into a paste, or spread with butter on bread... and, of course, in POWIDL TASCHERL!!!

Net weight: 200g

Naturally fermented, alive (unpasteurized), vegan, and gluten-free.

Genmai Miso | Mimi Ferments

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  • Genmai Miso is made from sprouted whole grain rice 32% (Po Valley), soybeans (Upper Bavaria), sea salt (Algarve), A.oryzae.

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