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As a double star, they can appear in many constellations. Be it in the music collective Engelsharfen + Teufelsgeigen or as objects of desire in various magazines & poster advertisements, as a host for flash mobs, dazzling art events and open-air concerts of a different kind ... The list is even more colorful than it is long.


The love for cooking and good food is omnipresent. The ceremonially important ingredient.


Hans-Jürgen HAUPTMANN showed this in detail in the “Red Bear”. Sophie KIM was practically born with fermentation. As HAUPTMANN KIM you show in Augora what can end up on a plate in the tension between Burgenland-Korea.

When:      Friday July 23, 7:00 p.m.

     Saturday July 24th, 7:00 p.m.

Where:        Augora, Stumpergasse 1A, 1060 Vienna

What:       6 course menu

  • Kimchi pizza according to Captain Kim

  • False lobster soup with black garlic and fermented horseradish

  • Catfish liver with fermented pepper and salted lemon

  • Soba noodles cold with fish sauce and seaweed

  • Umami cooked, thinly sliced:  Pork belly with fresh pear and radish kimchi  

  • Milk kefir ice cream on honey waffle


How much: ​    € 54 / person

As:        Reserve ... limited capacity!

           Please inquire about vegetarian options.


Thanks to the great cooks for the 2 really successful evenings. Photos from the dining room will follow soon. It was delicious.

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